Health & Safety
Working in the oil and gas industry in Alberta has always put employees at risk due to the nature of the work itself. Employees are required to lift heavy items, climb heights, work on uneven ground, work with and drive heavy equipment and are sometimes exposed to chemical hazards. Employees are sometimes required to work long hours. It is a condition of employment that all safe work procedures are updated and followed by every employee at Brandette Well Servicing.

Brandette has a Certificate of Recognition (COR) in good standing with the WCB and Worksafe Alberta. Brandette is a member in good standing with the CAODC (Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors). Brandette is a registered company with COMPLYWORKS Contractor Management and ISNetworld Contractor and Supplier Management companies where all of the safety and operational documentation can be accessed. 
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At Brandette Well Servicing Ltd., we ensure that all our employees are properly trained in every aspect of their job. Each employee is required to complete the necessary training (ie - H2S, WHMIS, First Aid, Ground Disturbance, CSO, Fall Protection, etc.), to ensure the safety of himself and the rest of crew. There is a zero tolerance for unsafe practices within our company.

In addition to the required safety certificates listed above, workers are required to demonstrate that they are competent in their respective positions by completing the competency training and assessment manuals which is provided by Enform. Petroleum Safety Training (PST) is mandatory for all workers at Brandette. A valid Class 5 driver’s license and Convoy training is also mandatory at Brandette


Equipment is inspected and maintained on a regular basis to ensure the safety of our employees. Equipment that does not perform to manufacturers specifications or industry regulations is either taken out of service for repairs or replaced.

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Safety meetings are held every morning, and at that time possible hazards are identified so that employees are aware of any issues that may arise throughout the day. All employees are required to fill out incident/near miss forms throughout the day, in order to prevent a re-occurrence of a possible hazard for all rigs.

There is also an organizational wide safety meeting held once a month. All aspects of safety are explored, and hazards within the industry are discussed. Any incidents that had occurred within the industry are brought forward and preventative measures are developed to be implemented on each rig.


Brandette Well Servicing Ltd. has a safety program in place whereby employees receive rewards, both hourly and yearly. Once a year, a Safety Award BBQ is held at which time those employees that have worked accident free for the past year are recognized

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